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Chasing Sacred

Free Resource: Inductive Bible Study Guide

Free Resource: Inductive Bible Study Guide

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Although the Bible is both inspired and inerrant we all still come to the Bible with our own human perceptions of what we are reading. We come to the Bible with our own life experiences, and we still interpret the Bible. Interpretation is about how we come to understand what we are reading. God's revelation, written in God's way, still allows room for human responsibility. Therefore, we want to equip you, and teach you how to interpret the Bible more accurately! Here at Chasing Sacred, we love the Inductive Method of Biblical interpretation.


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Learning to Lament

In this interactive study, journey with us through the book of Lamentations and the Psalms of Lament. Each writer has walked through a valley with Jesus– and in turn, we’re able to shed light on some of the beauty that He brought forth from our ashes.

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