Ephesians: Built up in Christ

Ephesians is often regarded as the supreme of all the New Testament letters. And it’s no wonder--it’s a small book but saturated with the essentials for the Christian life. Paul filled the pages of this letter with the riches of our doctrine, all hinging on the work and person of Jesus Christ.

This study is designed to help you consider what it’s like to know and rest in your union with Christ and with the Church body. We’re all aware of the escalating division in our churches, our increasing need to know Christ more fully, and our hunger for guidance as we strive to walk a life of holiness. What does it mean to be in Christ, united with Him? How do we reject the sin that so quickly overtakes our hearts and lives? How do we pursue greater unity in our churches? Can we use and trust the Bible as a reference point for all these questions? From the pages of Scripture itself, let us soak in what God has to teach us.

Dive in with us for a four-week study through the beautiful letter to the Ephesians, as we take a closer look at Paul’s teaching, the prayer he bathes this letter in, and the glorious reality of your inheritance as a child of God and a partaker of His promises.

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Chasing Sacred

Ephesians: Built up in Christ

Ephesians: Built up in Christ

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A background study on the book of Ephesians.

A four-week Bible study.

Daily readings with rich biblical and theological insight to guide you in an in-depth study of Ephesians.

Daily observation and reflection questions for deeper personal study.

Guides to grow your prayer life through a close look at Paul’s prayers through Ephesians.


6 in x 9 in


For personal and/or group study

ISBN: 978-1-7378179-5-6

Published: January 2024

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Customer Reviews

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Frank DeJulius
Good Bible study tool

I used this book in preparation for leading my adult Sunday School class in a 4 week study of Ephesians. It gave me new insights about the Epistle and was valuable in my presentation.

Alisabeth Jordan

I love this and the community

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