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Ephesians: Built up in Christ

a four-week study through the beautiful letter to the Ephesians

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  • “Chasing Sacred’s journal helps me focus so much better.”

    “The ideal day is when I can get up before my four kids do, and have my quiet time before they're even awake… but that's not usually the case. When I’m interrupted by littles, it's actually good for them to see me studying the Bible. I'm not just ‘preaching to the choir.’ They're actually seeing me and can model something.”

    - Stephanie A.

  • “I grew up not knowing where to start reading the bible…”

    “I'd often fall into the New Testament because it just felt easier. But now, with some of Mikella’s resources– I can go deeper into the passage instead of reading lots of chapters at once. It just makes it so much richer, knowing the full story.”

    - Halie

  • “Mikella’s teachings are fascinating.”

    “To me, Chasing Sacred’s resources bring a deep, deep understanding of God's Word. A depth, a context, and a richness. It’s something that we really need during our study time.”

    - Stephanie H.