Bible Study Guide

An Overview Through Each Book of the Bible

The Word of God is vibrant and beautiful, it’s our true source of knowledge of our glorious God. But where do we begin? It’s often overwhelming to pick up the Bible and discern what is a historical narrative or a prescribed truth and promise for us to cling to. How do we know which genre a book falls into, or why a book is relevant for us to study today? The Bible Study Guide is designed to serve as a companion through the entire Bible, answering some of these questions throughout Scripture. With a collection of our long-time favorite and trusted resource, background guides, we’ll walk with you through each of the sixty-six books.

The Bible Study Guide is a resource to guide your knowledge of the Bible through genres, authorship, themes, and an overview of each book. You’ll be equipped with an understanding of each genre of Scripture, as well as a comprehensive context and overview for each book of Scripture.

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Chasing Sacred

Bible Study Guide

Bible Study Guide

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The Bible Study Guide includes:

  • Overview and context about each book of Scripture, including a summary, purpose, and major themes for each.
  • Practical gospel applications for all 66 books.
  •  Chronological Timeline of books of the Bible and major biblical events.
  • Genre insights and tips for reading.


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Published: February 2023

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Customer Reviews

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Jamie Moody
Beautifully done

Chasing Sacred products all lead me farther into God's Word. I love how relatable the authors are, and how practical the application questions are!

I grew up not knowing where to start reading the Bible

I'd often fall into the New Testament because it just felt easier. But now, with some of Mikella’s resources– I can go deeper into the passage instead of reading lots of chapters at once. It just makes it so much richer, knowing the full story.

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