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Chasing Sacred started as Mikella Van Dyke’s outlet to write and share what God was teaching her through her time in the Word. Mikella had recently transitioned into married life, moved from NYC where she was pursuing a dance career, and left her upbringing in Thailand as a Third Culture Kid. The myriad of transitions left her with only ONE choice to chase God first and foremost over all else. 

From the author of the blog and Instagram account, Chasing Sacred, comes a woman’s one-stop-shop for sound theology and Christian community. 

What started as a devotional blog quickly evolved into teaching women how to study the Bible. 

Chasing Sacred is a ministry that offers truth-based resources for those that want to take their Faith seriously through sound theology, and Inductive Bible Study. 

The Chasing Sacred team has grown in order to provide resources to women from and through every walk of life. 

  • Audrey Russell | Marketing Director

    Audrey grew up in a musical family and enjoys performing. Sunshine, long walks, and quality time with her friends are a few of her favorite things. Women’s ministry is something she is very passionate about. The lack of Biblical content that equips Believers and leads them back to the truth of God’s Word burdened Audrey after experiencing the reality of a self-love, prosperity gospel message. The Lord was gracious to reach her in a season of crippling fear that was the result of believing in lies in who God is. Not understanding the theology of her faith, resulted in a great deal of distrust, which is more common than one might think. Now, Audrey desires to reach people with the true gospel message which will indeed, bring freedom because Jesus is enough— we are not. Her favorite book of the Bible is the Gospel of John for several reasons. Robert, her grandfather, loved the book of John and spent many hours reading the Word because Jesus changed his life. His dedication to sharing the love he had for his Savior encouraged Audrey to do the same. John highlights so many important moments in the ministry of Jesus and captures His heart for desiring a relationship with us. 

  • Stephanie Wilcox | Content Director

    Stephanie enjoys spending her days hanging out with her kids, drinking tea, crafting, and reading together. She loves evenings filled with thrifting, more tea, and talking about theology with her husband and friends. She delights in studying the Old Testament but always finds herself returning especially to Deuteronomy and Leviticus. During her time at Lancaster Bible College, she developed a deep love for theology and Scripture and is still amazed that she gets to spend her days planning and writing resources for women to do the same. 

  • Emilee Kurt | Graphic Designer

    Emilee is a wife, writer, and creative that loves drinking coffee, keeping the home, studying Scripture, and playing Catan with friends! Emilee loves partnering with Christ-centered clients using her gifts in graphic design and marketing. Her favorite book of the Bible is 1 Peter, and being rooted in strong theology is central to all she does. She equips women through local discipleship, coaching at With The Shepherd, hosting conversations on the Abundantly podcast, and she is always, always writing! 

  • Kate Brown | Editor

    Kate lives with her husband and four children in central Pennsylvania where her husband is a pastor. Kate enjoys leading women's Bible studies at her church and is passionate about helping women dive deep into Scripture to increase their knowledge of who God is. Recently, she has really enjoyed learning about discipleship and how we as women can live that out together to build up and strengthen the Church. Her favorite thing about studying Scripture is drawing connections between the Old and New Testament, showing that the Bible is one great and glorious story of salvation. When she's not chasing her kids around outside, she loves reading great books, writing, baking, playing the guitar, and discussing the Bible and theology with her husband. 

  • Stephanie Englehart | Writer

    Stephanie is a Seattle native, wife to Daniel, and mama of 3 girls. She is married to her high school sweetheart, and enjoys doing ministry with her husband, as they plant a church in the Pacific Northwest. You can often find her on a walk with her dog, playing soccer with her girls, or sitting on the couch surrounded by books and a laptop. Stephanie loves to write, but more specifically, she loves pointing people to Jesus. She has a passion for the Word, and wants to help those around her understand and love God. Stephanie’s hope is that through her honest thoughts and confessions, she’ll bring gospel application to life. You can find more of her work at stephaniemenglehart.com or on instagram @stephaniemenglehart

  • Maggie Guthrie | Writer

    Lover of Jesus, her high school sweetheart, and their 6 energetic and adorable kiddos (5 of which are boys!). Most summer days she can be found exploring New Hampshire and Maine beaches, or cozying up by a fire during the long New England winters. Maggie's love of writing began as a little girl and has only flourished in the surrender of her pen (or computer keys!) into the Lord's hands. Her greatest desire and vision would be an open heart and mind that might reflect the heart of the father in all that she writes. In Maggie's spare time she enjoys singing and playing the guitar. 

  • Brooke Adams | Intern

    Brooke enjoys playing volleyball, basketball, and soccer! She also is interested in pursuing graphic design in college. She chose to partner with Chasing Sacred to be a part of the amazing women’s ministry that Chasing Sacred seeks to continue. Brooke has been loving the opportunity to create graphics using her creative side and learn more about the marketing aspect as well!

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