Chasing Sacred and Chasing Sacred Bible Study

Chasing Sacred: Learn How to Study Scripture to Pursue God and Find Hope in Him

In a culture full of chaos, stress, and confusion, we can find firm grounding in the Bible . . .when we truly take the time to understand and experience what it says.

In Chasing Sacred, Bible teacher Mikella Van Dyke breaks down the misconceptions and reservations so many of us have about what it means to study the Bible. Using her story alongside the Inductive Bible Study Method to teach a systematic, empowering approach, she will help you:

Learn a practical, step-by-step method to understanding God’s Word

Gain a fresh perspective on what it means to study the Bible for a new generation

Engage in a healthy habit of Bible study that encourages confidence and eliminates shame

Feel equipped to lead a small group or ministry in your community

As you chase the sacred narrative woven through the pages of Scripture, let Mikella guide you to a deeper understanding of God’s Word and the who at the end of the journey: a Savior full of wisdom, depth, truth, and love.

Chasing Sacred Bible Study: A Five-Week Journey through Colossians and Philemon

How do I create a consistent, fulfilling Bible study routine?

If you've ever struggled to spend time in God's Word on a regular basis, you're not alone. So many of us deeply desire to come to Scripture for meaningful connection, but with the chaos of everyday life, God’s Word so often takes a back seat to the immediacy of life’s needs. Yet firm grounding can be found in the pages of the Bible when we truly take the time to understand what it says. In this five-session Bible study companion to the book Chasing Sacred, designed for both individuals and groups, Bible teacher Mikella Van Dyke invites you to chase the sacred narrative woven through the pages of Scripture and get to know God in a deeper, more intimate way. Using the Inductive Bible Study Method, journey with Mikella through the books of Colossians and Philemon to:

Observe: Take a look at the biblical setting. Who was the author? What was happening during this time period? You’ll uncover the nuances of the culture and context of the time.

Interpret: Take a deep dive into the waters of His living Word. Then learn how to ask questions that will guide you into greater understanding of the text.

Apply: Let the Holy Spirit allow the truths of scripture to sink deep into your heart and give you the strength to continue onward in this walk of faith.

Investing time in studying Scripture never comes back void. In this study, Mikella offers the reminder that Jesus longs for you to rely on truth, to look up beyond the impossible demands of the world and stand firm in the Father’s unconditional love for you.

What Others Have to Say:

"Mikella has written a book this generation needs. What are we all chasing? What do our hearts yearn for? Chasing Sacred is a road map for our hearts as we learn to seek after God with all our being, falling in love with His Word and heart again. We need this message."

Alexandra Hoover, speaker, Bible teacher, and author of Eyes Up and Without Wavering

"In a world confused about truth, Mikella breaks down how to study the Bible to know the truth and be set free. After you close Chasing Sacred, things like Bible charting, the metanarrative, and word studies will actually make sense. Not to mention you’ll know the ins and outs of translation philosophies, genres, and the context of what you’re reading in the Bible! You won’t just know, but as she drives home, you’ll be a doer of the Word. Trust me when I say you’ll never study the Bible the same again!"

Heidi Lee Anderson, author of P. S. It’s Gonna Be Good and social media personality @heidileeanderson